Class Nine English 4th week Assignment Solution

Class Nine English 4th week Assignment Solution 

Unit and Title of the Lesson:

  • Unit-5: Lesson-1: The Greed of the Mighty Rivers
  • Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate

Assigned Tasks: Assignment

  • Unit-5: Lesson-1: The Greed of the Mighty Rivers (Home Work: Section D)
  • Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate (Home Work: Section D)

Task-01: Unit-5: Lesson-1: The Greed of the Mighty Rivers (Home Work: Section D)



 Meherjan is a typical (1) homeless woman who lives in a slum. She lost her shelter and properties (2) due to the erosion of the river Jamuna. She also lost her family. Her husband had died of diseases caused by poverty and (3) shortage of food Now, she is only a (4) slum dweller  Like Meherjan there are many people who have become the (5) victims of river erosion. River erosion is still posing (6) threats to the lives and properties of thousands of people. People living (7) Close to the rivers are the most likely victims of river erosion. Each year about (8) One Lakh people become homeless due to river erosion in Bangladesh. Meherjan’s life is just one (9) Example of how climate change (10) affects the lives of thousands of people

Task-02: Unit- 5: Lesson-3: Man and Climate (Home Work: Section D)

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper expressing your concern about growing deforestation in your area.

Describe how deforestation is changing your environment. Also, suggest what actions could be taken to stop cutting down trees.

  • Follow the clues below.
  • dangers caused by deforestation
  • increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  • the greenhouse effect
  • making people aware of the adverse effect of deforestation •
  • making an action plan to stop deforestation

21 November 2020
The Editor 
The Daily Star
karwan bazar, Dhaka 

I Shall be highly obliged if you kindly published the following letter in your esteemed daily in the interest of the public. 
sincerely yours,
Fahim (Name)

How deforestation Changing Environment

Cutting down trees and vegetation from forest area is known as ‘Deforestation ‘. Many reasons are responsible for this. The growth rate of people, lack of awareness, residential requirement, industrial requirement, etc. are responsible. Deforestation is a bad alarming for our future earth. Every country has at least 25 percent of the forest area according to its total area. But it is very difficult to keep it. We loss many wildlife species. Our food chain is changing day by day. Because of our climate change. All of these are the result of deforestation.  People are removing forest area and make the residential area. But this forest area is working as a barrier to wind storming. Sometimes it is the main source for the livelihood of some people. Trees lock soil loss in the flooding season. Give shelter for animals. Communities are suffering due to cut down trees. Then animals are attacking the local area and cause a worse situation. Deforestation caused environmental pollution. Climate change is also for deforestation. More people need more area, shelter, food, and other rights. But by maintaining a planning way we can meet all the requirements. Cut down forest areas unnecessary is not the right way. We should follow a guideline so that we can solve both sides. The utilization of rules for cutting down forest areas is important. More trees planting is the best and another way of recovering deforestation. We can do it in the fallow area. Such as both sides of roads, railway lines, the fallow area in our homestead, etc.

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