Copa America Cup 2021 Time Schedule Fixtures: list with all matches schedule & time!

Copa America Cup 2021 Time Schedule 

The 2021 Copa América will be the 47th edition of the Copa América, the international men’s football championship organized by South America’s football ruling body CONMEBOL. The tournament will take place in Brazil from 13 June to 10 July 2021.

Copa America 2021 schedule

The 2021 Copa America will take place in June 2021. The 2016 Copa America took place outside South America. This was the first time in the history of the Copa America tournament since its start in 1916. Copa America Centenario 2016 was to celebrate the “centenary of CONMEBOL” (100 years).

Now, 2021 Copa America is back in South America again and will take place in Brazil. The competition will run from 13th June-11th July. 

Copa America 2021 – Start and kick-off times to all games

Copa America 2021 Matches and Venues? Below is the full schedule of the Copa America 2021, with the match scheduled dates, venues and time have been released we have made a table of all the schedules of the Copa America from 13th June-11th July 2021.

The Copa America draw has already taken place with seeds already announced and we have 2 groups.

Group A: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, and Paraguay.

Group B: Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.

Copa America 2021 Fixtures – dates and time for all games!

We have prepared a scheduled table of all the fixtures, venues and time.

No Date Time Match Group Venue Watch&Bet
1 Sunday, June 13 23:00 Brazil vs Venezuela (B) Mané Garrincha

2 Monday, June 14 02:00 Colombia vs Ecuador (B) Arena Pantanal

3 Monday, June 14 23:00 Argentina vs Chile (A) Nilton Santos

4 Tuesday, June 15 02:00 Paraguay vs Bolivia (A) Olímpico

5 Thursday, June 17 23:00 Colombia vs Venezuela (B) Olímpico

6 Friday, June 18 02:00 Brazil vs Peru (B) Nilton Santos

7 Friday, June 18 23:00 Chile vs Bolivia (A) Arena Pantanal

8 Saturday, June 19 02:00 Argentina vs Uruguay (A) Mané Garrincha

9 Sunday, June 20 23:00 Venezuela vs Ecuador (B)
Nilton Santos
10 Monday, June 21 02:00 Colombia vs Peru (B)
11 Monday, June 21 23:00 Uruguay vs Chile (A) Arena Pantanal WATCH&BET>
12 Tuesday, June 22 02:00 Argentina vs Paraguay (A) Mané Garrincha WATCH&BET>
13 Wednesday, June 23 02:00 Ecuador vs Peru (B) Olímpico WATCH&BET>
14 Thursday, June 24 02:00 Brazil vs Colombia (B) Nilton Santos

15 Thursday, June 24 23:00 Bolivia vs Uruguay (A) Arena Pantanal WATCH&BET>
16 Friday, June 25 02:00 Chile vs Paraguay (A) Mané Garrincha WATCH&BET>
17 Sunday, June 27 23:00 Brazil vs Ecuador (B) Olímpico

18 Sunday, June 27 23:00 Venezuela vs Peru (B) Mané Garrincha WATCH&BET>
19 Tuesday, June 29 02:00 Uruguay vs Paraguay (A) Nilton Santos

20 Tuesday, June 29 02:00 Bolivia vs Argentina (A) Arena Pantanal WATCH&BET>

Copa America 2021 Quarter-Final Matches Schedule (Quarterfinals)

Copa America Quarterfinal matches dates, schedule, fixture, stream & live stream

No Date Time Quarterfinals Matches
Venue Watch&Bet
21 Friday, July 2 02:00 Quarter Final 1 (A winners vs Group B Runnersup) Nilton Santos WATCH&BET>
22 Friday, July 2 23:00 Quarter Final 2 (B winners vs Group A Runnersup) Olímpico WATCH&BET>
23 Saturday, July 3 02:00 Quarter Final 3 (D winners vs Group C Runners-up) Olímpico WATCH&BET>
24 Saturday, July 3 23:00 Quarter Final 4 (C winners vs Group D Runners-up) Mané Garrincha WATCH&BET>

Copa America 2021 Semi-Final Matches Schedule (Semifinals)

Copa America 2021 semi-final matches dates, schedule, fixture, stream & live stream

No Date Time Semifinals Matches Venue Watch&Bet
25 Tuesday, July 5 02:00 Semifinal 1 (Winner Quarter Final 1 vs Quarter Final 3)
Nilton Santos WATCH&BET>
26 Wednesday, July 6 02:00 Semifinal 2 (Winner Quarter Final 2 vs Quarter Final 4)
Mané Garrincha WATCH&BET>

Copa America 2021 3rd Place Match Schedule

Copa America 2021 3rd place match date, schedule, fixture, stream & live stream

No Date Time Third Place Match Venue Watch&Bet
27 Friday, July 9 8:00 AM 3rd Place Match Olímpico WATCH&BET>

Copa America 2021 Final Match Date Stream & live stream

Copa America 2021 Final Date Stream & live stream. The Copa America 2021 final will be held in Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

No Date Time 2021 Copa America Final Venue Watch&Bet
28 Sunday, July 11 4 AM Copa America 2021 Final Maracanã WATCH&BET>

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