FIFA World Cup 2022 Live Match | Qatar World Cup Opening Match LIVE

The 2022 FIFA World Cup event starts today. To celebrate the tournament, Google has created a special animated doodle showing two animated boots playing football. The tournament takes place every four years and attracts football (or “soccer”) fans from all over the globe.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Highlights, November 20, 2022: Qatar opens the tournament against Ecuador on Sunday. The World Cup is a source of immense national pride for Qatar in its attempt to raise its profile on the global stage and drive toward modernization.

Qatar has never before appeared in a World Cup and faces a major challenge just to emerge from Group A, which also includes Senegal and the Netherlands. South Africa in 2010 is the only host nation to fail to get beyond the group stage, so to avoid sharing that distinction would be success in itself.

Sunday may be Qatar’s best hope for a victory against an Ecuador team that is only five places above it at No. 44 in the FIFA rankings.


FIFA World Cup 2022 Opening Ceremony Live: La’eeb or Casper

In Arabic La’eeb, the name of the FIFA World Cup mascot, means ‘super-skilled player’. First impression: La’eeb looks like Casper, the friendly ghost. First published in comics in the late 1940s, it later was made into a movie.

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