HSC 2022 English 7th Week Assignment Answer

HSC 2022 English 7th Week Assignment

The 3rd English assignment for HSC 2022 students is in the 7th week. In this assignment, students will have to write a neatly arranged speech. To answer HSC English 7th week assignment, students need to think that he is a mayoral candidate in his area. A speech must be written for the people of the area before the vote. This speech should be within 250 words.

HSC 2022 English 7th Week Assignment Answer

Hello, My dear all brothers and sisters. I’m Fahim Chowdhury and it is an honor to be here as a part of this election. In this time, we have a great chance to transform Sylhet into the calm and clean Sylhet city it is destined to be. But for this, you should keep voting for me in the upcoming election and select me as a Mayor in your city.

I will improve the city’s health, and improve our lifestyles. Not only that but, I will improve fitness, enforce the laws, and focus on education. First of all, I think if I become mayor will be to improve the police forces. There are too Underage. I know many people smoking pot kids under 21 that smoke pot illegally. There are also people who just break the laws of the city constantly, and don’t obey the city’s rules. I will make more police stations, and have officers roam neighborhoods. One benefit from this is the city and the stations can work together and get people on probation to help clean up the city. There is a lot of litter across the city. In general, this will improve Redmond’s safety, cleanliness and make people Solow the law. I will make people think twice before doing something, knowing that the laws are serious business and police are everywhere.

This will also Gym Improve how safe people feel in neighborhoods during the night. The next thing I will do as a mayor will be to start construction on a new building that will include a full-size basketball court/gym, yoga and dance lessons, cardio machines, weights, and weight machines. If we had a public gym- everyone will be happy, everyone could do what they want to do.

Also, I will improve education. Now, as one can see the many mayors now have responsibilities. Along with handling these responsibilities. I will improve Sylhet better, and make it a cleaner city. I will improve education by making more advanced classes. I will also improve the city’s health by making a new gym everyone Can go to.

Finally, I will improve the law by Creating more police stations. I will even recruit big companies to come to Sylhet to support our growing city, and provide high-paying jobs. We Can all further enhance our lifestyles and make Sylhet a better place. That is what I would do if I was mayor.

I am Fahim Chowdhury and I would appreciate your vote in the election. Goodbye everyone and hopes to see you soon as a Mayor in your city.

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