SSC 2022 Date, Schedule, Mark Distribution, Question Pattern & Important News

SSC Marks Distribution 2022 (New) Question Pattern and Also Important Notice.

Let’s break the latest notice about the SSC new question pattern down and find out how you need to prepare for the exam. The questions pattern will vary a bit depending upon what group you are in. So, we will elaborate it for the candidates of all the groups. Make sure you follow along to get a detailed idea of how questions will look like in the final exam.

SSC 2022 All Students see the important Notice here.

SSC Mark Distribution 2022

You all are aware of the coronavirus situation in the country. For this reason, schools have been closed since last year. The SSC exam of this year has also been postponed for a long time. As the coronavirus situation is improving gradually, the govt has decided to resume the exam finally.

All the SSC candidates of 2022 are pretty excited about the new SSC marks distribution 2022 as it will ease their struggle to complete a huge syllabus quickly. It will also be easier for them to answer questions in the final exam according to the SSC new marks distribution.

But many of the candidates still don’t know about the new distribution system properly. So, we have made a complete guide of how marks will be distributed in every subject and how many questions you need to answer. Let’s find out everything.

According to the latest decisions, the SSC exam of this year will commence on 14 November. SSC candidates don’t have much time to prepare for the final exam. It will also be very tough for them to sit in the exam following the pattern of the previous question.

There will only be exams on group subjects. We’ll give a complete overview of SSC marks distribution 2022 below. Don’t forget to check it out.

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SSC Question Pattern 2022

In the new question pattern, candidates will have a changed situation to choose less questions from the number of given questions. It will be helpful for their preparation and executing what they have learned in the exam.


Science Group Question Pattern

As the candidates of the Science group, you will only be answering 3 group subjects in total. In these subjects, there will be two sections called MCQ and CQ. There will be 25 questions in the MCQ section in total, and you need to answer any 12 of them in only 15 minutes.

In the CQ section, there will be 8 questions in total, and you will be answering at least 2 of them.

Business Studies Group Question Pattern

For the Business Studies group, there will be a bit of change in the question pattern. You will get 30 questions in the MCQ section and 11 questions in the CQ section.

You need to answer at least 15 MCQ and 3 CQ. The time span of the MCQ exam will be 15 minutes, and the CQ exam will be 75 minutes.

Humanities Group Questions Pattern

Coming to the Humanities group, you will get 30 MCQ and 11 CQ to answer from. And you need to answer at least 15 MCQ and 3 CQ within a total of 90 minutes. The number of questions and timing is the same as the Business Studies group.


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