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SSC English Assignment Answer 2022

SSC 2022 English Assignment Solution below. 


Admission War rase Festivals are for everyone. 

1) The most common events and festivals in Bangladesh are – 

• Eid-ul-Fitr 

• Eid-ul-Azha 

• Pahela Boishakh 

• Dugra Puja 

• Buddha Purnima 

• Christmas 

• International Mother Language Day 

• Independence Day 

• Victory Day etc. 

2) My experience to take part in some local events and festivals: 

I always try to take part in all the festivals taken place in our locality. Here is the description of my taking part in some events and festivals last year: 

Celebration of ‘Pahela Boishakh’ 

Last year I with some of my friends celebrated ‘Pahela Boishakh’ in our village primary school field. The whole day was full of joy and enjoyment. We had two groups. One group fenced the entire area and the other group built a huge stage in the field. Early in the morning, our program began with the song, “Eso he Boishakh eso eso ” The program consisted of Tagore song, patriotic song, folk song, recitation of poems, one-act drama and jokes one after another. A group of girls from a local girl’s high school arranged `Panta-Ilish’ and we had scope to eat our traditional foods. There were a lot of merriments and we enjoyed the day. 

Celebration of ‘Independence Day’ 

Last year I also took part in the celebration of our Independence Day in our school. The day was observed with due solemnity at the school premises. A special committee was formed earlier to celebrate the day. The school premises were decorated nicely. Some special guests as well as our guardians were invited to attend to the programme. The Deputy Commissioner was the chief guest. At 7 a.m. the programme began with the hoisting of our national flag by the Headmaster. Then a discussion meeting was held. A group of artists sang Patriotic songs. The function was rounded off with the staging of a play on liberation war of 1971. 

3) The events and festivals shape me and my nation: 

There are many events and festivals in our country. They play an important role in our life and the country as well. Some events and festivals are national and some are religious. 

In the religious festivals like Eid-ul-Fitre, Eid-ul-Azha, we exchange greetings with family members, friends and neighbours. These festivals provide us an opportunity to reduce friction and bring estranged friends and relatives together in a bond of love. It can also be said to all other religious communities in our country in celebration to their religious festivals and national events like `Pahela Boishakh’, `Pahela Falgun’ etc as well. 

Nothing brings people together like festivals do. They play a vital role in nation-building; bringing people from every religious, economic and social background together. 

The national festivals like ‘The Independence Day’, The Victory Day’, ‘The International Mother Language Day’ etc teach us to love our country. On these days we express our outmost tribute to the martyrs and express endless love to our country. 

This is our country and it is a country of non-communal spirit and it belongs to all as people from all casts and creeds and religions. We can independently celebrate various religious and national day programmes. 

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